Could’ve. Would’ve. Should’ve. The Top 10 Golfers to Never Win a Major

We often spend a lot of time talking about golfers who have major victories on their resume. Winning a major obviously puts you in a pretty elite group of players but what about the guys that just haven’t been able to get it done; the guys that have the physical ability but can’t seem to get over the hump.

Those guys deserve some recognition too, so here’s a list of the ten best players (currently) to never take home the hardware.

Brandt Snedeker

10. Brandt Snedeker – Though Brandt Snedeker has been on the tour for a while; he’s only burst onto the scene as a real contender in the past year or so. Since 2007 he’s amassed five career wins and with the current hot streak that he’s been on since the Tour Championship last year, he’s definitely one of the top players to never take home a big one.

9. Nick Watney – At 31 years of age Nick Watney has five career PGA Tour wins. Though the closest he’s come to a major victory was a 7th place finish at the Masters in 2010, it’s his skill set that separates him from the rest of the field. With a near perfect swing, Watney can comfortably move the ball in both directions and if he gets his putter straightened out, he’ll have a shot at multiple majors.

8. Hunter Mahan – Hunter Mahan has had his struggles of late but for a while he was racking up top-10 finishes like milk and bread before a big storm. Similar to Watney, there’s no doubt that Mahan has the physical skill set to compete with the best of them down the stretch but much like the other players on this list, it’s been his mental game that has given him the most trouble in the past.

7. Dustin Johnson – From the standpoint of athletic ability, Dustin Johnson is in a league of his own with respect to other professional golfers. While it’s rumored that he could have played baseball or basketball in college, he probably chose the right sport in golf. Everyone remembers his heartbreaking finish at the PGA Championship in 2011 and at 28 years of age he’s still got a lot of good golf ahead of him. If you could have the power of any guy on tour, you’d want Dustin Johnson’s.

Steve Stricker

6. Steve Stricker – Steve Stricker started his career off pretty well and then kind of fell off the map in the early 2000’s. He had a sort of rebirth in 2007 and since then he has tallied 9 PGA Tour wins. His putting has been among the best in the game the past few years and while he’s had a couple of close calls in the past, Stricker is a guy that may actually go down wondering what could have been.

5. Justin Rose – Justin Rose has been ranked among the top-10 golfers in the world for a few years now and while his name always seems to be near the top of the leaderboard in major championships, he’s had some weekend troubles that have cost him a lot of money (and fame). As one of the best ball strikers on tour, Justin certainly has the game to win a big one but he just hasn’t figured out how to do it yet.

4. Adam Scott – Adam seems to win a tournament or two every year. He’s racked up 19 wins as a professional but he just hasn’t been able to get it done in a major. With a perfect swing, Scott’s only downfall has been his putting and though his major track record is less than impressive, he has finished in the top-10 in four of the last eight majors.

3. Lee Westwood – Lee Westwood has been hanging around the tour for quite some time. He’s one of the best ball strikers in the world and has 14 top-10 finishes at major tournaments (9 of which are top-5 finishes). Since 2009, he’s finished in the top-10 in at least two of the four majors every year. It’s truly amazing that he hasn’t been able to get over the hump yet.

2. Sergio Garcia – Quite possibly the most physically talented player on this list, Sergio has had his fair share of close calls in the past and if it wasn’t for Tiger Woods, he could very well have multiple majors under his belt. In his storied tenure as a professional, Sergio has 17 top-10 major finishes and while he may not be quite the golfer that he use to be, he’s certainly young enough to contend for a few more.

Luke Donald

1. Luke Donald – Every year before a major tournament, we turn on the Golf Channel and listen to the “experts” give us their picks to win. And every year Luke Donald’s name comes up. He has arguably been the most consistent golfer on tour the past three years and his short game is second to none. He’s had his fair share of top-5 finishes in the past few seasons but he just hasn’t been able to take home the hardware. Currently, he is without a doubt the best golfer in the world to not win a major and it is highly unlikely that he won’t come out on top one of these times.


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